Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My all time favourate Chocolate Moist cake

A never fail, best best best cake...

chocolate moist cake with chocolate butter cream and amazingly tasty and creamy chocolate ganachee..


A 1/2 birthday cake

I got a very interesting request this time. A lady wanted to celebrate 1/2 birthday of her adorable little boy. So I actually made a HALF Cake

This is a small chocolate moist cake with chocolate butter cream & chocolate ganache filling. it is less than a KG (800gms) and serves 7 to 9 people


Another Train Cake...

Exactly after 2 days I got another request for a train cake... for a 2 year old boy. This time too I was sent a picture, and here it is...
source unknown

I liked the picture, but wanted to add somethingz, I asked her for that and she said ok but didnt want much change... so thats what I came up with after 3 days...

Her hubby came to pick the cake, and he couldnt believe thats its a home made cake.... (flattered:) They all loved it and I got great remarks from her via sms

"many thanks irum. i loved it! i'll do advertisement for u :)"

she later messaged me on my facebook group and told me that she loved the taste and ate half of the cake :)

It was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and waitress's white chocolate ganache.

I also made these giveaway cookies for her...


Train theme Cake.

A really sweet lady from Egypt contacted me, and asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday... she gave me a picture to copy... this is the picture she sent.

source unknown
She said, its ok if I add some details in to it but she primarily wanted to have a little train and train track... after 3 days this is what I came up with...

Front view

Back View
Inside it was a checkerboard cake with chocolate buttercream.

I also made these cookies for giveaways,

which were then individually wrapped...

She Loved everything... and wrote on my facebook page... 

"really Irum make tasty and yummy we try marble one it looks amazing from inside and about outside really if try too say how it look's best see photoes that irum upload"

I appreciate her kind words

Baby Superman cake

This cake is one of my favourat cakes... I made this for a friends son who turned 1.

A princess Mini Cake

After trying my best friends cake I was so excited that I planned to make another figurine so I made this little princess cake for my neighbours daughter....

She just loved it...

My Childhood friend's Birthday

It was my best friend's birthday... we had been togther since 7th grade, then college and university.... And the best part is we are still togther she lives 10 mins drive from my place :)

It was her birthday on 9th March and I really wanted to make something special for her... so thats what i came up with...

 Books show abbreviation of our school, college and university name....
Phone...  we used to talk on phone till late night...
Palet... we graduated in finearts togther...

Picture - in 7th grade we had strongest crush on our teacher Mam Ambreen... we used to talk alot about her, miss her... :)
Movie - watched so many movies togther on VCR :)

It was really fun, recalling those times and creating this cake Amber (my friend) loved it.